Boards & Commissions

Apply to Serve on a Board or Commission

Vacancies occur regularly on various boards and commissions.  Citizens interested in becoming more involved in their community are invited to contact Jami Kinion, Clerk of Council, and submit their names for future vacancies.  Interested citizens may contact the Clerk of Council at (937) 848-4666 or email Jami at See below for the board descriptions.  The applicant must be a registered voter.

If you are interested in applying to serve on a Board or Commission, complete the Boards & Commissions Application listed below. Once you have completed the application, please drop it off at the administration offices located at 15 East Franklin Street, 2nd Floor, or mail to:

Jami Kinion
Clerk of Council
15 East Franklin Street
Bellbrook, OH 45305

Boards & Commissions Application

Volunteers Needed for Board Openings

February 5, 2016 - The City of Bellbrook is seeking residents of the City of Bellbrook to serve as members of the following board:

-Village Review Board (two openings and one must be a resident of the Old Village District)
-Historical Museum Trustee

An application for appointment can be found above, obtained by calling the City offices at (937) 848-4666, or by e-mailing Jami Kinion, Clerk of Council, at The application may be submitted either by mail or e-mail.

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Planning Board

The Planning Board consists of five members appointed by Council. The members are appointed to five-year terms. The Planning Board shall have the powers of zoning and the Bellbrook Charter may impose all the power and authority conferred upon city planning boards by the Ohio Revised Code and such other duties as upon it by the Municipal Administrative Code.

The duties of the Planning Board are as follows: initiate proposed amendments to the zoning ordinance, review all proposed amendments to the zoning ordinance and make recommendations to the City Council as specified in Article 21 of the Bellbrook Zoning Code, review all planned unit developments and make recommendations to the City Council provided in Article 17 of the Bellbrook Zoning Code, and perform other duties specified in the Zoning Ordinance.

Louis Schatzberg - Term Expires 12/31/17 (Chair)
Susan Weeks - Term Expires 12/31/16 (Vice Chair)
Ed Stangel - Term Expires 12/31/18
Mitchell Thompson - Term Expires 12/31/19
Dave Van Veldhuizen - Term Expires 12/31/20

Board of Zoning Appeals & Property Review Commission

The Board of Zoning Appeals consists of five members appointed by Council. The members are appointed to five-year terms.

The Board of Zoning Appeals may, as long as such action is in conformity with the terms of the Zoning Ordinance, reverse or affirm, wholly or partly, or modify the order, requirement, decision, or determination as ought to be made and to that end shall have the powers of the Zoning Inspector from whom the appeal is taken. The Board has the following responsibilities: administrative review, determination of similar uses, determination of district boundary location, granting conditional use permits, and authorizing variances.

Darryl McGill - Term Expires 1/31/18 (Chair)
Robert Van Hook - Term Expires 1/31/17 (Vice Chair)
Robert Guy - Term Expires 1/31/19
Robert Middlestetter - Term Expires 1/31/20
Sharon Schroder - Term Expires 1/31/21

Village Review Board

The Village Review Board meets as needed. Members’ responsibilities include overseeing the implementation of the Overlay Ordinance for the Old Village District including review of new construction, renovation of existing buildings, demolition and all signs for businesses in the old village.

Scott Carlson - Term Expires 1/31/19
Jennifer Bowersock - Term Expires 01/31/18
Brady Harding - Term Expires 1/31/17
Open - Term Expires 1/31/18
Open - Term Expires 1/31/18

Records Commission

The Commission provides rules for the retention and disposal of records of the City and reviews applications for one-time records disposal and schedules of records retention and disposition submitted by Municipal offices. The Commission consists of the Chief Executive or his/her representative, the Finance Director, Law Director and a citizen of the City. The Clerk of Council serves as the secretary for the Commission. The Commission meets once every 6 months.

Mary Graves - Term Expires 12/31/16
Bob Baird - Mayor
Mark Schlagheck - City Manager / Finance Director
Patricia Campbell - Law Director
Jami Kinion - Clerk of Council

Historical Museum Trustees

In 1965 Evelyn J. Brock conveyed real estate at 42 N. Main St. to the then Village of Bellbrook with a formal agreement that it be used as a historical museum and be open to the general public. The same agreement specified that the property would be under the control and management of the Council of the then Village and specified that a Board of Trustees consisting of seven members be appointed by Council with terms of office of four years, with no term limitations. The function of the Trustees is to manage the historical museum and provide attendants therein to assist financially by raising funds privately and to make recommendations to Council relative to the management, maintenance and control of the property.

Dwight Bartlett - Term Expires 12/31/17 (Chair)
Mary Lou Eppers - Term Expires 12/31/17
Bob Gooding - Term Expires 12/31/17
Donna Gibson - Term Expires 12/31/19
Janis Stratis - Term Expires 12/31/19
Elaine Middlestetter - City Council Representative

Representative to the Greene County Board of Health

Bill Beeman - Term Expires 2/28/19