The City of Bellbrook is committed to sound financial reporting.  It is our goal to be accurate and transparent with taxpayer money.


Bellbrook Receives Auditor of State Award
A 2016 financial audit of the City of Bellbrook by the Auditor of State’s office has returned a clean audit report.  Bellbrook’s excellent record keeping has earned it the Auditor of State Award.
Quarterly Financial Update

The City Manager provides City Council with quarterly financial updates.  These updates provide a summary of the city's financial status and the financial status of major projects.  See below for the most recent quarterly financial update.
2017 Financial Overview

In December 2016, the Bellbrook City Council adopted the 2017 Annual Budget and the 2017-2021 Capital Improvement Program.

For budgeting purposes, the City breaks its finances into five categories: Property Tax Supported Funds (services provided using specific levies approved by the voters and other governmental funding – Police, Fire, General and Capital Improvements); Transportation Related Funds (services provided using funds that are restricted for transportation projects – gasoline tax, motor vehicle and permissive license tax revenue); Water Related Funds (services provided using funds from water customers including operating, capital and debt); Waste Collection Fund (services provided using fees from waste collection customers); and Other Funds (services provided for other purposes).

The following is a summary of these categories as approved for 2017:
  Revenue  Expenses Difference Ending Balance
 Property Tax Supported Funds  $ 4,133,932 $ 4,266,651 $ (132,719) $ 2,331,096
 Transportation Related Funds 395,020  373,765 21,255 326,476
 Water Related Funds  2,913,700 2,581,872 (331,829) 1,943,299
 Waste Collection Fund 407,000 431,242 (24,242) 216,499
 Other Funds 33,100 32,700 400 1,237
 Total $7,882,752  $7,686,230  $196,523  $4,818,607 

The City’s largest revenue source is property tax and related state reimbursements at $3.1 million or 42% of total revenue.  The second largest source is charges for services which include water, waste collection and EMS charges.  This accounts for $2.6 million or 35% of total revenue.  The third largest source of revenue is intergovernmental which includes grants, local government funds, gasoline taxes, permissive license taxes and motor vehicle registrations.  This accounts for $1.4 million or 19% of total revenue.
The City’s most significant expense category is wages and benefits.  Compensating the police officers, firefighters and service employees of the City costs $3.7 million or 52% of the total budget of $7.7 million.  Other significant categories include services and supplies at $1.6 million or 22% and capital outlay at $1.7 million or 23% of total budget.
Budgets & Capital Improvement Plans

At the end of each year, the City Manager/Finance Director presents a budget to the City Council for the upcoming year.  The budget presentation contains not only financial numbers but information to help understand the cost of city operations.

Income Tax


The City of Bellbrook does not have a city or local income tax.  Residents and/or people who work in the city do not have to file tax returns with the city.


Bellbrook is one of a few cities in Ohio that does not have a local income income tax.


Property Tax


For more information on Bellbrook property taxes, go to the Property Tax Information page.


Contact the Administration Office
Name & Email Position Address Phone
Mark Schlagheck City Manager / Finance Director 15 East Franklin Street (937) 848-4666
Don Buczek Assistant to the City Manager 15 East Franklin Street (937) 848-4666
Jami Kinion Administrative Assistant - Finance 15 East Franklin Street (937) 848-4666
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