Starting a Business
In the City of Bellbrook, we are proud of the many small business owners that have chosen to work in our community.  Starting a business is not an easy task and below is some information to help you get started.

First Steps

City Approvals and Steps
The first contact with the City should be with our Planning and Zoning Administrator. We will be able to help you determine what steps you may need to take with the City in order to get your business ready to open. 


Click on the graphic to the right to understand what steps may be needed to get your business ready to open. 

Be sure to plan ahead because depending on the business you plan to open and the zoning in the area you plan to open, you may have to go through the approval process with one or more of our boards. 

If you have questions, please email our Community Development Administrator.

Business Security Information
The Bellbrook Police Department responds to building alarms and reports of suspicious activity for businesses in the city.  To aid the police in communicating with the business owner or responsible party, the department requests the business to complete a Business Security Information Sheet.  This form will also aid the Bellbrook Fire Department to know building-specific information prior to arriving on the scene of a fire or other emergency.

Please complete the form below and submit to the Bellbrook Police Department.

Business Security Information Sheet
Required Permits
To open a business in the City of Bellbrook, a business owner will first have to acquire several permits from both the city and county before opening the doors.  for a listing of permits, go to the Required Permits page.

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