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Downtown Streetscape Master Plan
The City of Bellbrook has contracted with the Kleingers Group to provide urban design and landscape architect services to the City by way of a Downtown Streetscape Master Plan. The project  aims to create a planning document that will guide both short- and long-term infrastructure and streetscape investments in the City’s Downtown District. The City hopes that a unified planning document will ensure that future capital, streetscape investments are consistent with the established vision for the Project location.

For more information and updates, visit the Downtown Revitalization Efforts Page.


Little Sugarcreek Road Assessment - Ongoing
In April 2019 the City contracted with LJB, Inc. to assess Little Sugarcreek Road and its structural stability. In the spring of 2018 and again in the spring of 2019 there were areas where landslides occurred which resulted in structural failure of section of the roadway. These issues were concerning to City officials and an assessment to understand what was happening was necessary. During the assessment the City asked for engineers to look at the possible installation of pedestrian facilities as well.

The engineer's study included looked at a 2600 foot stretch of Little Sugarcreek Road from Franklin Street to Vineyard Way. Engineers conducted soil borings, installed an inclinometer to monitor any changes, developed recommendations and associated preliminary cost estimates.

Council was presented with the findings and recommendations at their August 26, 2019 meeting. The overall recommendation was to install a pier and plug wall type to stabilize the roadway and hill. Three alternatives were presented all with the same wall type. In the end, one recommendation was presented as the chosen option. This option was to install the wall further out which would include enough room for a pedestrian walkway and a railing. To fix the critical 300 foot stretch of road will cost approximately $1,100,000. To address the entire 2,600 foot stretch is estimated at $7,240,000.

The presentation can be found by clicking the link below:

Little Sugarcreek Road Assessment

Next, borings were completed along the entire 2,600 foot stretch of roadway to determine the composition of the earth below. Understanding these final depths allow us to establish better cost estimates.  

The borings report can be found by clicking the link below:

Little Sugarcreek Borings Report


Completed Projects

Crescent Court Culvert Relining

The culvert was relined with concrete to reinforce the pipe and allow for proper flow.

2021 Paving Program

Cedar Court

Glenberry Circle

Kensington Drive

North Field Drive

Plantation Trail

Poston Drive

Sable Ridge Drive

North West Street Sidewalk Addition - In 2019 the City applied for and was awarded a Community Development Block Grant from Greene County. This grant allowed the City to install a sidewalk to the east side of North West Street as well as ADA compliant ramps. This afforded safe accessibility from Franklin Street back to the Plaza. 


North Belleview Culvert - On March 20, 2020 heavy rains caused two 72" corrugated metal culvert pipes to wash out on North Belleview and took the above roadway with them. This created the need for an emergency repair that was unbudgeted. With initial estimates at $500,000 to repair the culvert and roadway, identifying necessary funding amid a pandemic was not proving to be easy. Fortunately, bids came in less than expected and 100% of the cost of construction was able to be secured through Ohio Public Works Commission's Emergency Program. The repair consisted of a new concrete span arch and a widened road that will allow for future sidewalk access as well. The road was repaired and reopened by the October 31, 2020 deadline. 


2020 Paving Program 

Fowler Drive

Lynlee Drive

Justin Court

Bellemeade Drive

Small portion of Possum Run

2019 Paving Program

Dane Court

Dane Lane

Firebird Drive

Hillcrest Drive

Kim Court

Shadowood Circle

2018 Annual Street Paving

Streets paved in 2018 include Bradley Court, Hillrise Circle. Little Sugarcreek Road, Mission Lane, Rosecrest Drive, Sheffield Court, Sheffield Drive and Tampico Trail.

Upper Hillside Water Main Project

In December of 2018, work was finished to replace nearly 6,000 linear feet of water main along with 11 new fire hydrants, 73 new service connections, 40 new exterior water meters and milling and resurfacing of roadways affected. The work was completed to move homes from a low pressure line to a high pressure line. This greatly improved water pressure delivered to residents. The $1.3 million project was funded with a $600,000 grant and a $290,000 loan both from the Ohio Public Works Commission. The reminder was paid for by the City.

2017 Annual Paving Program

Streets to be repaved in 2017: Blue Stone Court, Possum Run Road, Red Rock Court, Sand Stone Court, and Sugar Leaf Drive.

Status - complete

Updated August 2017
Downtown Sidewalk Ramp Improvements

During the fall of 2017, several intersections in downtown Bellbrook received new handicap accessible sidewalk ramps.  This project was primarily funded through Community Development Block Grant money through Greene County and the State of Ohio.

Status - complete

Updated November 2017
Plantation Trail Culvert Replacement

The culvert on on Plantation Trail near the intersection of Hillcrest Drive was replaced in the fall of 2016.  This project included the complete replacement of the concrete structure.

Status - complete

Updated December 2016
2016 Annual Paving Program

Streets repaved in 2016: Amy Brook Circle, East Sudbury Court, North Linda Drive (from North Belleview Drive to Sugar Run Trail), North Sheffield Drive, Shadowleaf Drive, Sugar Run Trail, and Sugarwood Circle.

Status - complete

Updated August 2016
Upper Bellbrook Road Water Tower Repainting

The water tower on Upper Bellbrook Road was repainted this summer.  The project included repainting the inside and outside of the tower.

Status - complete

Updated August 2016
Water Meter Replacement

The water meter replacement program started in 2009 and will be completed in 2016.  The program involves upgrading or replacing older meters.  The upgrade consists of a low frequency radio transmitter which allows Service Department employees to remotely read the meters from a vehicle on the street.  This system has decreased meter reading time from several days to less than four hours per month.  The upgrade also provides more accurate readings.

Status - complete

Updated May 2016

Street Sign Replacement

The federal government has mandated that all street signs meet certain requirements.  The Service Department has replaced our street signs to meet these requirements.

Status - complete

Updated May 2016

Marcia Drive Culvert Rehabilitation

The culvert on Marcia Drive between Ridgetop Drive and Beechwood Drive has been repaired.  Instead of replacing the culvert, the contractor has repaired the pipe.  This type of repair is less costly and less disruptive to traffic in the neighborhood.

Status - complete

Updated March 2016
Stormwater Improvement at Vemco Drive and Firebird Drive

The city engineer has designed improvements to a drainage culvert at Vemco Drive and Firebird Drive to assist with storm drainage issues in the area.  The project has been awarded.

Status - complete

Updated November 2015
Retaining Wall at Pioneer Cemetery

The retaining wall made of timbers at Pioneer Cemetery on Upper Bellbrook Road was replaced with concrete.  The contractor was able to install the new wall without removing the former wall.  This solution was proposed to provide the least amount of disturbance to the historical cemetery.

Status - complete

Updated November 2015
Water Main Extension and Downtown Replacement Project

The downtown water main project involved the addition of a new water line to connect two major parts of the water system.  The additional line will help ensure future stability in the system.

Status - complete

Updated October 2015
2015 Annual Street Paving

Streets to be repaved in 2015: Washington Mill Road, Beryl Drive, Garry Drive, Bledsoe Drive (section), West Franklin Street (section).

Status - complete

Updated September 2015

Catch Basin Cleaning

The Service Department cleans all storm sewer catch basins each year.  Keeping catch basins clear of debris allows storm water to be collected and prevents potential high water issues and property damage.

Status - complete

Updated April 2015
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