Permits, Variances & Fees
See below for information on our various permits and fee. Unsure what you might need? Contact our Community Development Administrator at 937-848-4666 or email jfoster@cityofbellbrook.org

Common Projects & Required Permits


 Project  Zoning  Permit  Building  Permit  Zoning  Permit Fee  Comments
 Fence/Wall  Yes  No  $25  
 Shed  Yes  Yes  $ 30 +  Up to 100 SF  + $5 for ea addtl 100 SF
 New Construction  Yes  Yes $100 + Up to 1,000 SF + $20 for ea addtl. 500 SF
 Addition  Yes  Yes  $50 + Up to 100 SF + $5 for ea addtl 100 SF
 Detached  Garage/Accessory Building  Yes  Yes  $ 30 + Up to 100SF + $5 for ea addtl 100 SF
 Remodeling  Yes  Yes  Varies  Contact Office for details
 Deck  Yes  Yes  $ 30 + Up to 100SF + $5 for ea addtl 100 SF
 Swimming Pool (Including  Fence)  Yes  Yes  $30  In-ground and above-ground pools
 Temporary Tent  Yes  Yes  $ 10  
 Sign: Permanent  Yes  Yes  $ 50  
 Sign: Temporary  Yes  No  $ 25  Per occurrence
 Temporary Uses  Yes  Yes  Varies  See fee schedule for details


Other Fees


 Other Zoning Permits  $ 10
 Certificate of Zoning Compliance  $50
 Application for Variance  $250
 Application for Conditional Use  $ 200
 Petition for change, amendment, supplement, repeal, or modification to the zoning ordinance  $ 250
 Zoning ordinance book and map including subdivision regulations and mobile home regulations  $ 25
 Map Only  $ 5
 Subdivision Regulations  $ 10
 Standard Construction Drawings  $ 20
 Comprehensive Plan Book  $ 20
 Platting of Land  See fee schedule for details
 Fees for Inspections, Soil Erosion and Sedimentation Standards  See fee schedule for details

Processing and Fee Payment

Permits and fees are accepted and processed at the City Administrative Offices located at 15 East Franklin Street on the second floor. Returned checks will be charged a non-refundable fee of $45 and collected prior to the processing of any permits.