Backflow Preventer Inspection

A backflow prevention device is commonly used in irrigation and fire sprinkler systems. The purpose of the device is to protect the public water supply from contamination.

The Ohio Plumbing Code requires that each backflow prevention device be tested annually. A Certified Backflow Tester must test each backflow prevention device. Many plumbing and irrigation companies have a Certified Backflow Tester on staff.

Annually, we notify property owners of the due date for the year's backflow testing. Letters are typically sent in early April, and the due date is typically in early June. Failure to comply with this requirement will result in water being shut off until testing has been completed and submitted to the Utility Billing office.

The Backflow Preventer Inspection Form can be submitted by mail, fax, email, or the Utility Billing office.  

Mail: PO Box 285, Bellbrook, OH 45305
Fax: (937) 848-5190
Email: m.grant@cityofbellbrook.org

With any questions or concerns, please call the Utility Billing office at 937-848-4638.