Water Treatment and Distribution
The City of Bellbrook is unique among most small cities in that it operates its own water system.  The current system has grown to over 9,200 customers.  The water system serves the entire city, as well as parts of Sugarcreek Township.
Helpful Information
Water Softeners - The City of Bellbrook is not required to test for Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) because the source of the water is from ground water.  Bellbrook water hardness can be measured in two ways:
- 23.8 grains per gallon
- 408 milligrams per liter

Current Water Rates - Information on current water rates.
Water Regulations, Rates & Fees

Water Rate Surveys - 2023, 2022, 2021, 2020, 2019201820172016, 2015

Plumbing Fixture Updates - In an effort to help contractors and homeowners with connecting to the water system, the city has provided information on new fixtures that should be used.
Fixture Update Information

Rust Removal - On a rare occasion, there may be a presence of rust in the water.  If water a customer has done a load of laundry with rusty water, the city will provide you a rust remover free of charge.  Please contact the Utility Billing office for more information.
Rust Removal Instructions

Iron Reduction - Because many water supply lines are made of iron, occasionally a homeowner may see a buildup of iron in the water or washing machines.  Please contact the Utility Billing office for more information.
Iron Reducing Agent Instructions

Deduct Meter Information - Deduct meters are used to measure the quantity of water not reaching the sanitary sewer system.  This includes exterior hose bibs used to water lawns, washing automobiles, filing swimming pools, etc.  For more information regarding deduct meters please the documents below:
Deduct Meter Information
Deduct Meter Diagram
Water System Overview Video