Police Department
Soliciting in Bellbrook
The laws regulating solicitors in the City of Bellbrook were updated by City Council in July 2013. The previous laws were approved nearly 40 years ago. The new regulations were written after receiving comments from residents and reviewing recent judicial cases.

The new regulations attempt to strike a balance between personal property rights and free speech. A distinction is made between a solicitor (commercial activity) and a canvasser (non-commercial activity).
Solicitors are required to be licensed by the City. The licensing process includes an application with specific identifying information and a background check conducted by the Bellbrook Police Department along with payment of a $20 fee for up to five individuals. Additional individuals will require an additional fee. The license issued by the City must be carried and displayed by the solicitor.

Residents who do not want solicitors to knock on their door can have a sign posted stating, “No Peddlers, Solicitors, or Canvassers Invited” or other similar language.

Any resident who believes that these regulations are being violated is encouraged to call the Bellbrook Police Department at (937) 848-3252.
Samples of No Solicitor Signs