City Council

Boards & Commissions

Apply to Serve on a Board or Commission

Vacancies occur regularly on various boards and commissions.  Citizens interested in becoming more involved in their community are invited to contact the Clerk of Council, and submit their names for future vacancies.  The various boards and commissions are listed below with a brief description of their functions.  Applicants must be a registered voters.

Interested applicants must complete the Boards & Commissions Application below.  Applications can be emailed to the Clerk of Council, delivered in person, or mailed attention to Clerk of Council at 15 East Franklin Street, Bellbrook, Ohio 45305.

Planning Board 

Meets on the third Thursday of each month at 6:00pm depending on cases - subject to change


Appointed to a limit of two five-year terms

Denny Bennett- 2nd Term, Expires 12/31/26 (Chair)
Dr. Dave Van Veldhuizen - 1st Term, Expires 12/31/26
Ed Stangel - 2nd Term, Expires 12/31/23
VACANT, Expires 12/31/26 
Timothy Tuttle - 1st Term, Expires 12/31/26 (Vice-Chair)

Board of Zoning Appeals & Property Review Commission

Meets the third Tuesday of each month at 6:30pm depending on cases - subject to change


Appointed to a limit of two five-year terms

Meredith Glick Brinegar - 2nd Term, Expires 1/31/27
Aaron Burke - 1st Term, Expires 1/31/24 (Chair)
Philip Ogrod - 2nd Term, Expires 1/31/27 (Vice-Chair)
Sharon Schroder - 2nd Term, Expires 1/31/27
Kyle Boehmer - 1st Term, Expires 1/31/26

Village Review Board

Meets the first Tuesday of each month at 6:00pm depending on cases - subject to change


Appointed to three-year terms

Thad Camp- Term Expires 1/31/24 
Jacqueline Greenwood - Term Expires 12/31/24 (Chair)
Jefferson Seguin - Term Expires 12/31/24
Jeff Owens - Term Expires 12/31/24
LaKeisha Taylor - Term Expires 1/31/24 (Vice-Chair)
Brady Harding - Architect Advisor

Records Commission

Melissa Jones - Term Expires 12/31/24
Michael Schweller - Mayor
Rob Schommer - City Manager / Finance Director
Steven McHugh - Law Director

Historical Museum Trustees

VACANT - Term Expires 12/31/25
VACANT - Term Expires 12/31/25
Janis Stratis - Term Expires 12/31/22 (Secretary)
VACANT -Term Expires 12/31/26
Dan Tieman -Term Expires 12/31/22
David Casler -Term Expires 12/31/22
Elaine Middlestetter - City Council Representative

Charter Advisory Committee

The Committee is appointed to review the Charter as required once every 10 years.  The Committee will set meeting dates and after the final report to Council will  no longer be an active Committee.

Angela Brown
William Hopkins
Jennifer Leclaire
Amy Stone
Katie Taylor

Nick Kuntz

Representative to the Greene County Board of Health

Bill Beeman - Term Expires 2/28/22