City Services
Snow Removal
The following is a general description of The City of Bellbrook’s snow removal plan. As you are aware, each storm is different; nonetheless, we try to follow our snow removal policy as closely as possible. Our Snow & Ice Removal Program entails three (3) steps:
Step 1: The Beginning of the Storm
When a snowstorm begins, the Service Department responds by salting the main roads, hills and through streets. Three salt trucks are used for this operation. A fourth truck is added during large events to help with the morning and evening rush hours. When storm conditions permit, the salt trucks will apply a very light dusting of salt on residential streets. This will create salt brine underneath heavier snows. This is done to help eliminate compaction of the snow to the roadway and to make cleanup easier.
Step 2: During the Storm
Plowing operations begin when there is a plow-able amount of snow on the ground. Four Service Department vehicles are equipped for plowing. There are two smaller multipurpose vehicles with plows used for bikeways. Each vehicle is assigned to pre-determined routes and will remain in this pattern throughout the duration of the storm. The main objective “during” the snowstorm is to keep the main roadways passable. At the end of the storm, the snowplows will begin to clear all roads. Once all roads are passable we begin to widen the streets by pushing back the snow to the edge of the pavement. Residents may want to wait until the roads have been widened out before clearing the entrance of their driveways.

snow plowPlease be advised that snow must not be shoveled or plowed “back into the street” from a resident’s driveway (codified ordinance, Article 412.01). This creates a hazard to traffic and requires our staff to return and clean it up at the resident’s expense. The Service Department staff members are well trained and dedicated to plow around the clock, if necessary, keeping the roads open and passable. The Service Department will assist all Police and Fire apparatuses to reach their destinations during a snowstorm.

If a plow truck is riding with its plow up, please do not be mislead. The truck may be returning to the garage for fuel or repairs. Residents should not be concerned if they do not see their roadway plowed during the early part of a snowstorm. The Service Department follows an assigned route where main roads and hills are plowed first. Please be patient, all Bellbrook streets will eventually be plowed.

Another area of concern is mailboxes. We do not deliberately knock over or damage mailboxes. Most mailboxes are not damaged by the vehicle itself but by the snow that is thrown from the plow. At times, with the combination of reduced visibility during a snow storm and snow banks, it is not always possible for our drivers to see a mailbox in time to avoid it. Remember, anything installed within the city’s right-of-way is placed there at the owner’s risk. Mailboxes should be inspected regularly to insure that they are secured properly and that wood posts are not rotted out.

Step 3: Following the Storm
Once the snowfall has stopped, all roads will be cleared of snow and the widening process continues. All roads are salted again to improve traction and melt the remaining snow and ice. This process continues until all city streets are cleared of ice and snow. Salt begins to lose its effectiveness at 20 degrees. During extreme cold, although all streets will be passable, it will not be possible to remove all snow from the streets.

Residents Can Help
Residents can assist the Service Department during a snowstorm by heeding these suggestions:

  • Remove all parked cars from city streets.
  • Reduce your speed and drive cautiously.
  • Remain off the road during snowstorms unless absolutely necessary.
  • Do not allow children to make snow forts at edge of road.
  • Do not plow, blow or throw snow back into the roadway.
  • Before final cleanup of your driveway, check the road. If it does not appear to be widened out a plow will return to plow again and may push snow back into the entrance of your driveway. Doing this might keep you from clearing your driveway entrance more than once.
  • During plowing operations, some lawns will inadvertently be torn up. Remember, anything installed within the city’s right-of-way is placed there at the owner’s risk. Most city right-of-ways are ten to fifteen feet from the edge of the street.
  • Finally, please have patience. Snow plowing is a time consuming and arduous job - covering approximately 42 miles of road. Some residents will have their roads plowed first and some will be last, but all city streets will be cleared. The Service Department is devoted to providing the residents with dependable snow removal in the shortest time possible. With your cooperation we will all benefit during a snowstorm.

If you have any questions concerning the snow removal policy, please call (937) 848-8415. We will try to assist you in any way possible.