Police Department
Vacation House Check

The City of Bellbrook Police Department has a Vacation House Check program. The department provides a free residential security check for residents who go on vacation or are away from their home for an extended period. The Vacation House Check program is part of the Bellbrook Police Department’s greater goal of keeping the City of Bellbrook a safe community in which to live and work.

When you register your home, you will be asked about the dates of vacancy, security systems, other people who have access to your property, vehicle(s) that will be left on the property, and an emergency contact person. Whenever possible, please provide the requested information with advance notice before departure.

As a resident who has registered your property while you are away, you can expect a Vacation House Check to be done one time per shift depending on officer availability. An officer will inspect the residence for unlocked or damaged windows and doors, evidence of forced entry or suspicious activity, verification of vehicles left on the property, verification of people found on the property, and any obvious mechanical malfunctions. Please be sure to have your house number displayed on your mailbox or otherwise visible from the street.

The Bellbrook Police Department wishes you safe travels!

Register your home for the Vacation House Check Program
You have several options to register your home for the program for your convenience.

  • Call non-emergency dispatch: (937) 848-8484
  • Come to the Bellbrook Police Department office
  • Complete the form below
Online Vacation House Check Request
Requester Information
Resident/Property Owner Name
Requestor Name
Reason for Extra Patrol
If Other (Reason for Extra Patrol)
Type of House Check Requested
Type of Premises

If Other (Type of Premises)
Protected by Alarm System
If Yes (Alarm System)
Light On
Light Constant
Light Automatic
Emergency Contacts
Key Left with Anyone
If Yes, Name (Key Holder)
Key Holder Phone
Other Persons who will have Access to the Premises (Relatives, Workers, Neighbors, Employees)
In case of emergency, do you wish to be notified?
In addition to Key Holder, name of additional person to contact in case of emergency
Additional Emergency Contact Phone
Date/Time Leaving
Date/Time Returning
Vehicle Information
Vehicle 1: Year
Vehicle 1: Make
Vehicle 1: Model
Vehicle 1: Color
Vehicle 1: License
Vehicle 1: Location
Vehicle 2: Year
Vehicle 2: Make
Vehicle 2: Model
Vehicle 2: Color
Vehicle 2: License
Vehicle 2: Location
Additional Information/Comments
Additional Information/Comments