Community Organizations
Bellbrook is home to several active community organizations.  These groups contribute to the history and character of our community.  For more information, please visit the organization's websites or contact them by the information provided.
Bellbrook Sugarcreek Historical Society
The Bellbrook Sugarcreek Historical Society exists to preserve and promote the history of Bellbrook and Sugarcreek Township.  The Society works alongside of the City of Bellbrook Museum Trustees.  You can visit the Bellbrook Museum on Wednesdays from 10 am to 2 pm and Saturdays from 12 pm to 4 pm.  The Museum can be contacted at (937) 848-2415.  You can also visit the Historical Society's Facebook page.

Go to the Museum page.
Bellbrook Sugarcreek Family Resource Center
The Family Resource Center exists to provide assistance to individuals and families in need.  The Center provides this assistance through information and referral services, collaborative program planning, encouraging volunteerism and youth asset building.  You can help the Center by donations or giving of your time and skills.

Family Resource Center website

Bellbrook Lions Club
The Bellbrook Lions Club has been serving the Bellbrook Community since 1946.  They are active with service projects, scholarships, donations and their annual festival.

Lions Club website

Bellbrook Garden Club
The Bellbrook Garden Club is active in beautifying the city's public spaces as well as promoting the appreciation of gardening and aiding in the protection of nature.

Garden Club website
Bellbrook Senior Citizens: Greene County Council on Aging
The Greene County Council on Aging runs a seniors program at 3757 Upper Bellbrook Road in the Sugarcreek Education Services building.  The Council on Aging also provides many activities and services for seniors.

Council on Aging website
Bellbrook Sugarcreek Education Foundation
The Bellbrook Sugarcreek Education Foundation is a non-profit fund established to promote quality schools, education programs and fund college scholarships for graduates of the Bellbrook-Sugarcreek School District. It is intended the foundation will provide support not available from public funds.

Education Foundation website

Bellbrook Sugarcreek Optimist ClubThe mission of the Bellbrook Sugarcreek Optimist Club is to serve the local community with a variety of positive programs and activities, which will benefit the youth of the community.

Bellbrook Sugarcreek Optimist Club Website

Boy Scouts & Girl Scouts
The local Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts have done many great projects in and around the city.  They are particularly active in assisting with projects for the parks.