The City of Bellbrook is committed to being open, honest and transparent.  It is our goal to be accurate and responsible with taxpayer money to make sure the services demanded by our residents are provided at the most efficient cost.  In addition, we are committed to providing access to the data and information necessary to arm all residents with the information needed to help make important decisions regarding the services provided by the City.

Financial Transparency Center


The Financial Transparency Center is an interactive, online portal for access to the City's current and historical financial data, insights, demographics and more.  The site provides accurate financial information in a variety of forms and levels on a easy-to-view platform giving access to summaries, charts, and granular details depending on the needs of the viewer.  In addition, the City's dedication to transparency also provides viewers opportunity to not just view, but download detailed information to review and inspect.

In addition to budget and financial data, the City also provides an Open Checkbook revelaing every expense transaction paid.

The Financial Transparency Center gives you access to all the information needed to clearly understand your City's finances.  If you need any assistance or additional information, please contact the City Manager, Rob Schommer who also serves as the Finance Director.


Uniform Guidance Policies

The City is required to establish Uniform Guidance Policies to assist in meeting compliance requiremence in reporting use of Federal dollars.  These policies establish basic procedures that are applicable beyond the reporting of federal dollars and include general local accounting and financial accountability practices.

Click HERE to view the City of Bellbrook Uniform Guidance Policies

2024 Financial Overview

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In November 2023, the Bellbrook City Council adopted the 2024 Annual Operating Budget and the 5 year Capital Improvement Plan through Ordinance 2023-O-6.  That sets the appropriations for expenditures of the City for fiscal year 2024 from January 1, 2024 through December 31, 2024. 

For budgeting purposes, the City breaks its finances into five categories:

  • Property Tax Supported Funds (services provided using specific levies approved by the voters and other governmental funding – Police, Fire, General, and Capital);
  • Transportation Related Funds (services provided using funds that are restricted for transportation projects – gasoline tax, motor vehicle and permissive license tax revenue);
  • Enterprise Funds (services provided using funds from water and waste collection customers including operating, capital and debt); and
  • Other Funds (services provided for other purposes).

Visit our Financial Transparency Center for details and progress on the 2024 Budget, the 2024-2028 Capital Improvement Plan and historical financial data.

Previous Years Budgets & Capital Improvement Plans
At the end of each year, the City Manager/Finance Director presents a budget to the City Council for the upcoming year.  The budget presentation contains not only financial numbers but information to help understand the cost of city operations.

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Annual Financial Statements

Income Tax
The City of Bellbrook does not have a city or local income tax.  Residents and/or people who work in the city do not have to file tax returns with the city.

Bellbrook is one of a few cities in Ohio that does not have a local income income tax.

Property Tax
For more information on Bellbrook property taxes, go to the Property Tax Information page.