Common Complaints
The city receives several common complaints from residents.  These complaints are listed below with a brief explanation on finding a path to resolution for the complaint.

Waste / Recycling
Missed Pick Ups
Waste or recycling pick ups that are missed should be reported to the Utility Billing office by calling (937) 848-4638 (leave a message if after hours) by 10:00 am on the following Monday.  Those calls received by this time will have their waste or recycling picked up on Tuesday.  Please remember, (1) collection may occur late in the afternoon on collection day, and (2) for major holidays, collection is delayed one day.  For a list of the major holidays, go to the Waste & Recycling Collection page.

Service Complaints
If you have other complaints concerning waste and recycling collection, please call the Utility Billing office at (937) 848-4638.

Property Complaint
There is a minimum level of expectation for maintaining buildings and yards outlined in the municipal code.  Common complaints in the area of property maintenance include: tall grass, overgrown vegetation, junk vehicles, vehicles or trailers parked in the grass, trash or debris, buildings in disrepair or other nuisances that are directly affecting the quality of life and property values of neighbors.

For more information on filing a property complaint, go to the Property Complaints page.

Barking Dogs
The city does have an ordinance addressing the issue of barking dogs.  If you have a complaint about barking dogs in your neighborhood, please call the Police Department at (937) 848-8484 and an officer will come out to your property to evaluate the situation.  Please note, in cases involving barking dogs, an officer must be able to witness the barking before further action can be taken.

Stray Dogs / Cats
Stray Dogs
If you have a stray dog in your neighborhood, please call the Police Department at (937) 848-8484 and an officer will come out to your property to address the situation.

Stray Cats
If you have a stray cat in your neighborhood, please call Greene County Animal Control at (937) 562-7400.  Their hours of operation are:
- Monday-Friday 9:00 am - 6:30 pm
- Saturday-Sunday 12:00 pm - 4:00 pm
- If you are calling after hours, please contact the Police Department at (937) 848-8484

Dead Animals / Nuisance Animals or Rodents
Dead Animals in the Street
If there is a dead animal in the street, please contact the Service Department at (937) 848-8415 for removal.

Dead Animals on Private Property
The city does not remove dead animals from private property.  Dead animals have to be removed by the property owner.

Nuisance Animals or Rodents
Bellbrook is close to many forests, streams and fields which encourage the presence of various types of wild animals.  The City does not remove wild animals or rodents from private property.  The City does have an ordinance which forbids the harborage of rodents.  A common example of rodents are raccoons living in sheds or other buildings.

For questions regarding dead or nuisance animals, please call the Administration office at (937) 848-4666.

Loud Noises
If you are concerned about loud noises in your neighborhood, please contact the Police Department at (937) 848-8484 for further information.

Open Burning
The Bellbrook Fire Department regulates open burning in the city. If fires are not properly controlled on small parcels of land, neighboring properties may be affected if a fire were to spread.  For more information on open burning regulations, go to the Inspection Bureau page or call the Fire Department at (937) 848-3272.

Pot Holes
The Service Department works to keep every street in Bellbrook in good condition. Occasionally, pot holes will emerge.  If you notice a pot hole, please call the Service Department at (937) 848-8415 to notify them of the hole. The City is only responsible for holes in the roadway.

Street Lights
If you notice a street light that is burned out, please call the Service Department at (937) 848-8415.

Outdoor Drainage Issues
With the many different landscapes and streams that flow through the City, drainage is a common issue for many residents. The Service Department works on drainage issues relating to streets. If you, as a resident, have a drainage problem on your property and would like some advice or information on what you can do to resolve your issue, please call the Service Department at (937) 848-8415.