Emergency Notifications
Hyper-Reach: Emergency Notification System
In 2012, the City of Bellbrook joined 11 other Greene County communities in offering Hyper-Reach as an emergency notification service to residents.  This system allows public safety officials to telephone targeted geographical areas with important alerts.

Each landline is automatically registered to receive community alerts such as local emergencies or weather alerts.  

Residents also have the option to register cell phones and email addresses to receive alerts via text message, phone call, email or all three.

During the registration process it is important to put your current address. This will allow Hyper-Reach to send you messages that affect your exact area.

In the event of a weather emergency, such as a tornado warning, the system will automatically be activated by the National Weather Service to residents in the affected areas.

To register your cell phone and/or email address, please go to the Hyper-Reach website.