Waste Collection
The City contracts with Rumpke to provide waste and recycling services for all city residents. The residential waste collection includes recycling service, recycling container, and bulk item pickup. Waste collection fees are billed quarterly along with your water service. Regular waste collection (trash and recycling) is every Friday except for major holidays (see below for the holiday schedule). 

City of Bellbrook
(937) 848-4638

  • New water/waste service
  • Missed pick ups
  • Billing inquiries

(800) 223-3960

  • Bulk pick up
  • Additional waste/recycling containers

Bulk Pick Up
Call Rumpke directly to schedule a bulk pick up.  Please call in advance of the pick up day.  Rumpke can be contacted at (800) 223-3960. Items such as furniture and appliances can be picked up by Rumpke.  A fee may apply for certain appliances.

Missed Pick Up
Waste or recycling pick ups that are missed should be reported to the Utility Billing office by calling (937) 848-4638 (leave a message if after hours) by 10:00 AM on the following Monday.  Those calls received by this time will have their waste or recycling picked up on Tuesday.


Holiday Schedule for Waste Collection

The regular Friday collection will be delayed one day (Saturday) during the week of major holidays if they fall on a weekday. The regular schedule will resume the following week.



Memorial Day - collection on Saturday, June 3

Independence Day - collection on Saturday, July 8

Labor Day - collection on Saturday, September 9

Thanksgiving Day - collection on Saturday, November 25

Christmas Day - collection on Saturday, December 30

New Year's Day 2023 into 2024 - collection on Saturday, January 6


Here are Rumpke’s guidelines on holiday pick-up schedules:

  • If the holiday is the day-of or a weekday before

    your service day:
    Service will be delayed one day that week

  • If the holiday is on a weekday after your service day or on Saturday or Sunday:
    Service will remain as scheduled