City Council

2021 City Goals

At the beginning of 2021, City Council began to discuss the projects and initiatives they wish to pursue in the coming year. They met during two work sessions to discuss and finalize the goals for the year. The goals were associated with the various committees of Council which include Financial, Safety, Service and Community Affairs. A few of the goals were general in nature and separated out accordingly. These goals will guide City staff in their efforts for the coming year.

The 2021 City goals are outlined below:

General Goals

  • Ongoing Pandemic - Continue to monitor coronavirus and its impact on city finances, employees and infrastructure
  • Updates to Zoning Code
    • Updates to Property Maintenance Code
    • Code Enforcement Plan

Financial Goals

  • Community Improvement Corporation - Establish and identify funding sources
  • Future levy projections

Safety Goals

  • Reassess tornado sirens
  • Fire Department Needs and Future - possible consolidation of Stations 1 & 2, explore fire district possibilities

Service Goals

  • Little Sugarcreek Road - complete borings for refining solution and next steps
  • Walkability
    • Downtown crosswalks
    • Sidewalk connections

Community Affairs Goals

  • Downtown Improvements
    • Truck Route
    • Streetscape design and implementation
    • Main and Franklin traffic light upgrade to mast arm
  • Reinstitute quarterly community leaders meeting