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Compliments or Complaints

The City of Bellbrook Police Department maintains a highly-trained and responsive police staff.  The Bellbrook Police Department is certified under many facets of the OCLEAC Ohio Collaborative Community-Police Advisory Board.

Your Participation in the Compliment and Complaint process ensures the department's tradition of excellent service to the community.

Use the form below to send a compliment or to lodge a complaint concerning an officer's actions.  Be sure to include as much detail as you can regarding the date, time, officer's name and reason for the compliment or complaint so we can attribute your inquiry to the responsible officer or staff member.

Compliments  will be forwarded to the appropriate officer/staff member's supervisor for review.

Complaints  should be filed as soon as possible after an incident - this improves the gathering of factual information from involved parties and witnesses.

Your complaint will be forwarded to a supervisor, who will in turn contact you within 72 hours of your complaint filing.  The investigator will conduct a thorough and detailed investigation into the complaint.  Your assistance is expected, as additional information may be required.  When the investigation is complete, a written report is forwarded to the employee's chain of command.  Recommendations are reviewed by the Chief of Police who will decide the appropriate outcome.  You will receive a letter by mail (or email) describing the outcome of your complaint, and any disciplinary action that was taken.   Please be aware that significant investigations may take several weeks or more to complete - it is our goal to keep you informed of the progress of your complaint during the investigation process.

While the Bellbrook Police Department is committed to investigating concerns of misconduct, please be aware that filing a false complaint is punishable under Ohio Revised Code section 2921.15 as a first-degree misdemeanor offense.  This notification is not provided to deter complaints, but to inform the public of Ohio law.


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