Starting and Stopping Service

Starting Service

To start service, please call the Bellbrook Utility Billing Office to schedule a final meter reading date. You must also fill out a Utility Service Application.

You will also need to provide the following documentation:

  • Photo ID of the person who is placing the account in their name
  • Copy of the lease agreement (if renting the property)
  • Copy of the signed settlement statement or general warranty deed (if buying the property)

You will then submit the documents to the Utility Billing Office. You may do so in person by visiting us on the second floor of 15 East Franklin Street or by emailing the Utility Billing Office.

It is the responsibility of the new property owner to notify the Utility Billing Office of their purchase of the property. Owners/tenants are required to fill out a Utility Service Application to place service in their name. The new owner/tenant has three business days from the final meter reading date to submit the above documentation to the Utility Billing Office.

Stopping Service
When you are moving and would like to stop service, please call us at 937-848-4638. You will need to give us your final date of service so that we can initiate a final reading and your forwarding address to send the final bill. Final bills are processed during the regular billing cycle for the following month.