Pipeline & Utility Inspection Information

Pipeline Inspection and Maintenance
Bellbrook has several gas pipelines that run through various parts of the city. These lines are operated and maintained by pipeline companies. Periodically, they inspect and perform maintenance in the right of way, which is the ground directly above the lines. Some of these lines and right of ways may include homeowner’s properties.

If you are affected by the pipelines, please be aware of the following items to ensure your safety.

  • Know your pipeline markings. Examples of these markings can be seen here.
  • Be on the lookout for leaking in the right of way. You can recognize a pipeline leak by sight, sound and smell. For more safety information, visit www.pipelinesafetyinfo.comIf you think there is a pipeline leak, call 9-1-1 immediately.
  • Certain buildings and landscaping are prohibited from being placed in the right of way. Sheds, pools and playgrounds are not allowed to be built in the pipeline right of way. Some landscaping, such as the planting of shrubs and trees are also prohibited. Some exceptions may be allowed. To find out what landscaping is allowed in the right of way, contact the pipeline company at the phone number located on the nearest marker.

To find where the pipeline right of way is located on your property, you can contact a free location service by calling 811 or visit their website at www.call811.com.

warning signs
vent marker
Utility Inspection & Maintenance
The Department of Transportation regulations require natural gas system operators to conduct leak surveys on all piping including underground mains, services and exposed piping up to the outlet of the gas meter. Please be aware that if your gas meter is inside your building or residence, the inspector will need to enter.

When an inspector shows up at your door, you may ask for identification and a phone number to contact Vectren directly.

For more information, call Vectren at (800) 227-1376.